Display all Values in a multi-valued property from PowerShell

Sometimes there are some multi-value properties that can not be displayed from powershell, what can be a bit frustrating.
In the image below there´s an example of it:

Fortunately, there´s a simple way to deal with this situation, and I am sure you will never forget this tip as soon as you know it.
By default the $FormatEnumerationLimit preference variable has a value of 4, and it determines how many items are displayed when a property contains more than a single item.

Keep in mind you can change this variable to get all properties be displayed. It is simple and easy.
You can set this variable to 20, 50 whatever you need, or my favorite: (-1) (it means show me all with no limit)
voilà !!!
Simple and quick.


2 Comments on “Display all Values in a multi-valued property from PowerShell”

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